AstraChrome from Spray Chrome Solutions Ltd.

The AstraChrome spray system represents the ultimate in sprayed chrome technology, and will be the benchmark others will be judged by. It allows the chroming of products that conventional technology could not process, and opens the possibility of adding colour, and different finishes to products. Size is no longer a restriction. The main limiting factor is one’s own imagination. It is the perfect marketing tool for companies who wish to diversify, or indeed emerging companies who want to seize new potential markets.

Doctor Colin Gammans (Ph.D), a notable physicist led his team throughout the design-stage, and construction of the new spray bench, the A100. He also headed the team, who formulated the chemicals used in the process which are manufactured in the U.K, to the most exacting standards.  

The success of the system is derived from the quality of the chemicals, plus the reliability, and sophistication of the A100 spray bench.